Three companies Crysor Optics, Path Optics and Filtech Photonics have merged into one company.


In telecommunications, Hitronics helps its customers prove that their demands can be achieved with the right supply and better technology and support.

Hitronics provides a wide variety of components for OSA,

Waveplate, PBS Series, C-Lens, Pigtail Assembly, EPON Filters, CPON Filters, 10G EPON Filters, Etalon series

components for QSFP,

LAN WDM Filters, CWDM Filters, PBS, Prisms, Waveplate, Mirrors, Lens,

components for WSS,

Cylindrical Lens, Spherical Lens, Mirrors, Waveplate, Prism/Wedge, Fiber Collimator, Assembly Optics,

components for WDM module,

CWDM Filter, CCWDM Filter, WDM Filter, Prisms, Collimator, Pigtail, Lens,

Components for Passive Device/Module

Fiber Pigtail, C-Lens, Collimator; CWDM, LAN-WDM, FWEM Filter, Etalon Series; Wedge, YVO4 Walkoff, Waveplate, PBS Series; Mirror Series; Micro Prism

s, Optics Assembly.

Hitronics’ know-how, state-of-art technics and speed enable fast production of precision optics to meeting telecom emerging market needs.

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Components for OSA
Components for QSFP
Components for WSS
Components for WDM Module
Components for Passive Device/Module

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